Teaching Phonics is the most Important Thing

Teaching Phonics is the most Important Thing

For people who are not aware of what phonics is, here’s a brief description. Phonics is a method in which we can teach a child “how to read” using symbols and sounds at the same time. Teaching Phonics is a very effective way in which you can teach your child to read.

Teaching Phonics is Fun and Easy

The best part about phonics is that it never creates a burden in the mind of the child who has just started his/her journey of reading. It feels very exciting to him and for you, it will be fun and easy. Often children are excited to do it all alone. But it’s your responsibility to motivate them at each and every step.

Phonics is always better than any other form of teaching reading because it stresses the acquisition of letter-sound correspondences and their use in reading and spelling. This helps the children to remember an alphabet by its sound and shape as well. Later on, when the course goes a bit ahead your child will start recognizing words from a list or a text.

Home Teaching is Always Helps

Teaching your child with a trained instructor is a good thing. But phonics activities at home will encourage your child to read more and he/she will improve at a better rate. You will start observing the reading fluency as well. So it becomes an important thing for you to learn how to teach your child to read. Because the more you will get in, the more your child will succeed.

There are some reading programs over the internet which I have found useful. But out of many programs out there I tried one with my son and now he’s reading like a second-grade student. First I prepared myself and then I started doing it with my son. And there was a massive improvement in the reading fluency of my son. Read my NEXT POST to find out about the program which can help you as well.

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