About Me


I am Nasir. I have been blogging about various products and services that I have used and I think it will good to blog about it so that I can help people. Well, you will wonder why so? Well, you can say it’s just a passion for writing which resides inside my mind. I always wanted to become a full-time blogger but I never saw a huge earning potential in it so I turned my career path and became a Software Developer instead.

Talking about the blog. From the time my son got a couple of years older I started thinking about getting him in a kindergarten so that he starts enjoying and learning right from the beginning. But I was a bit worried about his reading. So I  started searching for some reading programs with the help of which I could have helped him in learning reading. I got one such program and with its help, my son has now started speaking out some difficult words as well.

Keeping this thing in mind, I thought of creating yet another blog so that I can help other parents who are trying to find out methods for helping their children learning reading.

I hope you will like all the posts that I have written in my blog. If you have any questions in your mind regarding any of the posts then you can CONTACT ME with your questions.


Thank You For Reading,

Cheers! Have a great day ahead 🙂